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24 May 2015 @ 05:51 pm
Just one, I'm a few...  
Went to Manchester yesterday and got involved in the People's Assembly anti-austerity protest. I also went to the cinema to see the We Are Many documentary, which had me in tears, had me furious, but ultimately gave me hope when I really wasn't expecting it to.

I was a student during the 9/11 through to Iraq War period. I joined Stop the War coalition, I went on the marches, I signed the petitions, etc. We all did. It was a devastating time to be young, to see your country's leaders so transparently corrupt and feel that the public has no control over what they do. But I hadn't really considered the legacy of that protest and its connection to our government defying David Cameron to vote against war in Syria. Stunning inspiring documentary. I recommend that everyone sees it. I was a little brought down to find myself watching a film called "we are many" in a theatre with only five other people.

But then Mad Max was on in the other screens. Not that I don't really want to see Mad Max, because OMFG do I ever! *soon, soon...*

But also...can we say BEST ORPHAN BLACK EVER?!!

I mean, Mr and Mrs Hendrix tweeking alone would be enough to make this the best episode so far right? But let's talk about the rest...

First off, IF (third time lucky...) we can see Tatiana Maslany rightfully nominated for an Emmy this year then surely this is the greatest submission episode an actress could ever hand in? Six different clone characters and six stunning performances in one 40 minute episode. This woman is fucking incredible.

Second, OMFG Paul actually DIED!! I'm sad and shocked and most of all...rather impressed. I'm sorry because I have fandom friends who really shipped Paul/Sarah, though it must also be said that the writers offered up a huge amount of shipper fan service even as they sunk it. Just...wow. I was wondering when OB would go there and kill off a major character. Gotta say, I didn't think it would be Paul. But then I've learned the hard way that when major characters are killed off in my favourite SF shows they will usually be the female characters or ethnic minority characters or the British characters or the queer characters, etc. And particularly if you are watching Lost then the hunky white heterosexual alpha male is the last character who is likely to die. Well, not so with Orphan Black. Damn. RIP Big Dick Paul.

And it wasn't just Paul dying! There was EVERYTHING ELSE! I mean, the fucking Sarah & Beth dream sequence. How amazing was that?!

Then the Felix & Rachel scene. Woah. That was so much better than that cold detatched scene where Delphine tortured Rachel for information. Felix's ruthlessness barely concealing his frantic desperation to find Sarah. It was a nasty side of him to see but I do relish any moment when we get to see that Felix is not just a cute sassy sidekick.

Then how about Helena eating her own head!Scorpion? I loved it. Though I wonder if I'll miss that scorpion more than Paul in future episodes?

I haven't even mentioned the Castor clones yet. I'm happy with them so far. They clearly aren't taking over. Ari Millen is not showcasing the same diversity as Tatiana in his portrayal of the different boy clones, but it's clear that he's not supposed to. The boy clones were raised together in a military environment so yes...it makes sense that they all have a fairly uniform identity as a bunch of unstable sociopathic manchilden. Just the right contrast to the far more variable clone club sestras.

Cosmia's new girlfriend is lovely. She's clearly an evil spying spy though right?

And one more time, GOD I love Alison/Donnie so much. Alison/Donnie tweeking in their underwear (and sequins!) while throwing around their drug money was such a joy to behold. Why did Walter White and Jesse Pinkman never have this much fun? Have I made you imagine Walt/Jesse tweeking in their tighty whiteys? I can only hope. Seriously though I've heard a lot of complains from fans saying the Hendrixes comic subplot has nothing to do with the rest of the show and currently that is true, but still they ARE funny, so funny and we did need their comic relief. And as you might imagine...I'm loving that Jimmy/Steve/Jack/Jason has shown up in OB verse to make Donnie hilariously insecure and jealous. Hopefully the Alison story will link into the central drama at some point (come on though, only four eps left) but in the meantime it's still very entertaining.

Off school for the next week but I'm bracing myself because, UGH...moving house again. It'll be worth it though. I'm fulfilling a long term dream and moving to Chester...

...it's been called the Venice of North England, don't you know. USA Today ranked it in the Top 5 prettiest cities in Europe. My new home town!!
daybreak777daybreak777 on May 24th, 2015 10:35 pm (UTC)

Sorry, watching world news and got distracted.

(It does look like a pretty town. :-))
falafel_musingsfalafel_musings on May 25th, 2015 06:32 am (UTC)
LOL. I was wondering if I'd got involved in a meme I wasn't aware of.