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22 May 2016 @ 11:47 am
Fandom: The 100
Characters/Ships: Ensemble but focusing on the delinquents.
Music: 'Hot Gates' by Mumford & Sons.
Length: 4.07 mins
Warnings: Violent scenes.
Disclaimer: All clips belong to the CW.
Thanks: Once again to cylune9, my eternal beta and fandom bff.
Vidder Notes: Coming out of retirement once again just to post a new fanvid. Not sure if any of my flist are watching 'The 100' but any fans of Lost, BSG or Game of Thrones should give it a try. This fanvid is my tribute to the incredible Mount Weather rescue mission in S2, which as a story arc, I think I loved just as much as BSG's New Caprica rescue mission and that's saying something.

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11 January 2016 @ 08:49 pm
Fandom: Hunger Games
Characters/Ships: Katniss/Peeta
Description: Our love is not a victory march.
Length: 4.15mins
Beta: cylune9
Warnings: Spoilers for all films.
Vidder's Note: Coming out of LJ retirement to share my new fanvid with any THG fans on my flist.

12 July 2015 @ 09:13 am
So for the sake of posterity I've decided to post a final LJ entry.

This is a long overdue goodbye and I suppose comes at a time when most of my flist will no longer be around to read it. The few posts I have made this year have received very little response so I imagine that everyone has moved on to other platforms. Or simply grown out of fandom. But I'll definitely miss LJ and the people I've shared my comments thread with. I've failed to find another platform that is so conducive to lengthy text posts and lengthy discussion and that's where my enjoyment with fandom lies. It's sad to be without it. Consequently I've either become a casual viewer or stop following a lot of my shows, simply because it's a lot less fun to just watch without the lively fandom interaction alongside.

If there are still LJ flisters around to read this message...thanks for friending me and sharing fandoms with me. Thanks for the good ol days of LJ! I'll be leaving all my fic, vid, meta and review posts open as an archive but from now on I'll no longer be posting as (sadly) it doesn't seem like there's much point anymore.

Thanks for visiting me! I miss you all!!

If you'd ever like to contact me again, please just add a comment here and I'll let you know where you can reach me.  
24 May 2015 @ 05:51 pm
Went to Manchester yesterday and got involved in the People's Assembly anti-austerity protest. I also went to the cinema to see the We Are Many documentary, which had me in tears, had me furious, but ultimately gave me hope when I really wasn't expecting it to.

I was a student during the 9/11 through to Iraq War period. I joined Stop the War coalition, I went on the marches, I signed the petitions, etc. We all did. It was a devastating time to be young, to see your country's leaders so transparently corrupt and feel that the public has no control over what they do. But I hadn't really considered the legacy of that protest and its connection to our government defying David Cameron to vote against war in Syria. Stunning inspiring documentary. I recommend that everyone sees it. I was a little brought down to find myself watching a film called "we are many" in a theatre with only five other people.

But then Mad Max was on in the other screens. Not that I don't really want to see Mad Max, because OMFG do I ever! *soon, soon...*

But also...can we say BEST ORPHAN BLACK EVER?!! *major spoilers*Collapse )

Off school for the next week but I'm bracing myself because, UGH...moving house again. It'll be worth it though. I'm fulfilling a long term dream and moving to Chester...

...it's been called the Venice of North England, don't you know. USA Today ranked it in the Top 5 prettiest cities in Europe. My new home town!!
Anyone want to talk about the end of Mad Men?

I've had my fair share of issues with this show and I've steadily become a lesser fan from S5 onwards. But I mostly like the way they've ended it. With the Coke advert especially. Perfect really. Like, look at all the progress we've made in the last decade. Progress for women, progress for ethnic minorities, progress for the young! Yay for all this hippy liberal progress! Now let us use all that positive progressive movement to be greedy corporate capitalists and sell coca cola. Which brings us to the world we live in now. Really that's the perfect ending for Mad Men. Don Draper was never capable of change (though Pete Campbell might be?), he still sleeps on a bed of money.

But also Peggy said "A thing like that" to Pete. And melted into a puddle of purest delight.

But also...poor Betty Draper. Of course she's the only character to be punished for their smoking habit.  
19 April 2015 @ 12:15 pm
Really happy that Orphan Black is back, only...I've mixed feelings on 3x1.

Orphan Black spoilers for 3x1Collapse )

Thoughts? I'm also caught up with new Mad Men (anyone who's still watching!)      
11 April 2015 @ 11:16 pm
I guess it says a lot about my geek mentality that when I look for political guidance in the upcoming election, I don't look for it in the actual political candidates. I instead turn to my two favorite comedians - Eddie Izzard and Russell Brand - who've both become prominant political activists in the last year or so. Well it could be said that stand up comedians are far more skilled than MPs at making captivating speeches and communicating ideas to people. And wouldn't more people feel more engaged with the political system if it was led by entertainers? It's not like our country struggles to get a voter turn out for the X Factor. But everybody I speak to still seems really stumped when it comes who they're going to vote for on May 7th. And even if they should vote at all.

So my dear Eddie Izzard has joined the Labour Campaign trail. He's also planning to stand for Parliament or London Mayor in 2020. Which would be just fabulous, right? His main message during the last week has been "above all, vote!", no matter which party people choose to vote for. But when I listen to people backing Labour I still can't shake the feeling that this is a desperate 'Get the Tories Out!' bid more so than a pro-Milliband movement. And that bid may be worthworth, but it's a matter of settling for the lesser of two evils, a matter of austerity Vs austery lite. Owen Jones is also backing the Labour party and I rate his opinion very highly too. But here's the thing - in the past I've always voted for minority parties, rather than left or right. I was actually really relieved that I never voted for Blair as I'd hate to have backed the PM who took us into the Iraq War. But it's often argued that voting for a minority party (usually the Greens for me) is a wasted vote since your party won't be going into power.

At least that was the case until I voted Liberal Democrat in the last election and they wound up becoming kingmakers for the Conservatives. And then Clegg subsequently failed to make good on any of the campaign promises that got him into the coaliltion government. I know from his early stand up that Eddie used to be a LibDem voter too (well, Eddie was one of the reasons I got behind the Liberals in the first place!), so clearly his policies - or their policies? - have shifted sometime in in the last 10 years. Eddie acknowledges that Labour are much more central than left wing these days and pretty much everyone in Britain acknowledges that the LibDems have proved useless. As a former LibDem voter I don't feel like my vote was wasted so much in the last election as it was hijacked to enable the Tory party who I would never want to support. In all honesty, if I could cancel my vote for the LibDems five years ago, then I would - even if it meant me not voting at all.

Which brings me back to this fucker...    

In the last six months I've become increasingly frustrated with Russell Brand being ridiculed and used as the media's scapegoat to blame for non-voter apathy. If you got back and watch the old infamous Brand Vs Paxman interview, I don't understand how anyone can see an apathetic man. Russell's speeches on the Trews are far more inspiring than anything I saw two weeks ago on the Leaders Debate. I like that Russell is challenging the stereotype of the non-voter as someone who is ignorant, lazy and uncaring. Russell has been completely tireless in his activism in the last year. I believe he's been involved with more campaigns led by ordinary people than Eddie has and yet he's received nothing but abuse for it from a good 90% of the media. It makes me want to root for him. Not that I think Russell should stand for election either (I largely agree with his policies but he is a nutter) but I hope that he will continue to act as this one-man-megaphone for political injustice. It has been argued that Russell should use his influence to back the Green party since they have campaigned together and agree on most issues, but I actually think it is important that Russell remains anti-voting and anti-the-current-system until we see a much stronger and viable leftwing party emerge. But also because I think we need a new Michael Moore figure (especially a British Michael Moore) and the fact is that Moore rather lost his right to complain about government failings after he backed the Obama Hope campaign. I for one think Russell's doing the right thing and he should keep doing it.

So in conclusion, I'm probably going to vote Green. Ultimately I hope that Labour get in so we don't end up with some kind of Tory/Ukip coalition monstrousity (which could seriously happen). But I can't bring myself to vote for a Labour government outright because I don't see them bringing about any major systemic change. Especially when the likes of Obama can't manage it and Milliband isn't even a shadow of Obama. I can appreciate that Eddie is offering the sensible option and that Russell being a crazy idealist, so I guess I'm splitting the difference between my two comic heroes. By voting for the Greens, I'm vote for polices and voting simply so my vote is counted but I also have to acknowledge that my vote won't really make a difference. We really do need a better option. And part of me can't help thinking that some sort of Izzard/Brand coalition would be a pretty great option, aside from the fact that I don't want either of them to retire from stand up comedy anytime soon!

Come on, wouldn't you want these two guys to run your country?

I suppose I should do a fandom post too? I'm a little indifferent to fandom lately. I mostly enjoyed Shameless S5 though I'm not having a meltdown over Ian/Mickey's break up so I guess I can't be a proper fan, right? I'm actually rather bored of needy doormat Mickey (when did he turn into David Fisher? It doesn't suit him) and I think a seperation would do them good. Yay also for Debbie and Carl getting badass stories this season and biggest YAY of all for MONICA!!!! Guh. The show is always awesome when crazy Monica comes back. The Monica/Ian moments made the season for me. It sort of made up for the epic fail that was Jimmy's pointless return. Fiona's new halfarsed romance stories have been so tedious. I know most everyone except me hates Jimmy Steve but come on - surely it's better to soldier on with the one Fiona romance plot that they've substaintially developed? Though I'm wondering if they planned to do more with Jimmy's return and then had to ditch the story because Justin Chatwin got cast in Orphan Black. Speaking of which...

Eeeeeee!! Orphan Black is back next week! It's finally coming back, bitches! Clone club hugs all round!    

I am so ready for these Castor motherfuckers. I don't think they are going to detract from the Seestras. I think they are going to be these...crazy cylon sociopath killers.

Oh and speaking of shows I'm genuinely excited to see return...I've missed these ladies too!! God love em.

I guess there's Hannibal and the final episodes of Mad Men coming up too. I'm so ready for Mad Men to be over. Any theories on how it'll all end? My theory has long been that Don's identity will be exposed and he'll completely abandon his executive persona and become a hobo drifter again. And I'm still rooting for the new Oslon Campbell agency to emerge in final episodes just to satisfy my long latent Pete/Peggy shipper tendancies. And I'd still like to find out what happened to poor Sal. Mostly I just hope it isn't boring.

I still haven't watched Better Call Saul I'm afraid. I never finished Game of Thrones S4 either...  
16 February 2015 @ 07:14 pm
Description: A Tribute to comedian/activist Russell Brand
Music: 'Like a Monkey in a Zoo' by Daniel Johnston.
Length: 2.47 minutes.
Warnings: Features explicit language, sexual references and drug abuse. Also features Russell Brand who seemingly manages to offend many people around the globe whilst trying to spread love and laughter in his own eccentric way.
Vidder's Note: I almost didn't post this vid because it felt rather voyeuristic of me to be editing a person's real life story. But then most of the clips used in this vid were posted on youtube by Russell himself. Throughout his career he has willfully exposed his personal life through many mediums; stand up comedy, radio, autobiographies and now his webseries The Trews which inspired this project. Basically he's put a lot of great vidding material out there so I hope this tribute doesn't come off as creepy. For the last ten years Russell Brand has been one of my favorite comedians but his recent activism has got me far more invested in him as a person; a person whose main message is that if great personal change is possible then why not radical world change too? So this vid is a study of Russell's own transformation from unstable junkie to scandalous famewhore to Hollywood superstar to returning to England to be a lefty activist and make youtube videos in his bed.  

30 January 2015 @ 11:27 pm
As I've said in my last few entries, I'm going through a little phase of immersing myself in British films, culture and even events lately. Went to see The Theory of Everything a few weeks ago which had me feeling so in awe of Eddie Redmayne and so attracted to Harry Lloyd (why isn't Harry Lloyd in more things?!). I actually really want to read some Stephen Hawkings now and feel embarrassed that I haven't done so before. Is The Brief History of Time a good place to begin or is there anything easier for physics phobes like me? I'm really into British TV at the moment too. I'm even watching some choice Doctor Who episodes on Netflix. I'm wondering whether to binge watch Utopia S2 or all of In the Flesh this weekend? I've already watched the first episode of ITF and I did rather like it, though I struggled a bit with the gimmicky zombies and the anvilious discrimination parables. But I've got people encouraging me to continue with it and well, it's only five episodes more and apparently that's as long as it will EVER be because the BBC can't afford to make more than half a dozen episodes of its Bafta winning shows.      

Oh and I'm also still watching Shameless US but that started as a Manchester show so I'm going to pretend that counts.

And while I still spend most of the time absorbed in fictional worlds, lately I have been thinking about my own country and trying to get back to my roots for the novel I'm attempting to start (for about the fourth time). For the last few months I've become a casual viewer of Russell Brand's The Trews blog and last week I finally gave in and read his Revolution manifesto. I'm a bit of a lapsed (now born again?) Brand fan. I loved his early stand up career as the naughtiest comedian of the Noughties, but pretty much lost all interest in him when he went off to Hollywood to play diluted versions of himself in mediocre movies. But with the Trews channel I've just become fascinated in this prodigal son returning to England to make daily youtube videos in his bedroom. I was recently trying to explain Russell Brand's new stance as a political activist to millari and it occured to me that Brand is currently the closest thing to Gaius Baltar in real life: that is Baltar in his anti-establishment cult leader phase. Which I guess explains my fascination and why I adore Brand while also rolling my eyes at him and yet feeling unable to look away. I always was a hopeless Gaius fangirl. And now I've learned that this year they're bringing out a film starring Brand as his glorious megalomaniac self and not a pale cartoonish imitation for US consumption - like, finally.      

Part of me still suspects this whole revolution thing is just Russell winding up UK politicians, press and the voting public for a laugh, but then I do really want to believe in other possibilities when facing another general election with no party seeming capable of initiating any real change. Following the No vote on Scottish independance it just seems like us Brits are set in our ways. I could go on but I don't know how much my flist (is anyone reading my LJ posts these days??) knows or cares about UK people and politics. Is Brand all that well known outside of the UK for anything besides being that weird English comedian briefly married to Katy Perry?